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A few weeks ago I was an add on SH, looking for a couple, Dave and I to participate to have fun at night. We had a response from a cpl of the central region, which was also in search of a few men to have a good time with Mrs. C, while Mr. R 's watches at first and then joins in sending a other some e- mails hot together and how Mrs. C wants us will soon be in. So we have an appointment for both arranged to come overnight. On the night he opened the door and Mr. R, I fapdu went to shake hands and sat on the couch, resting Meet Dave, and then went to Mrs. C with a long coat, entered the center of the room and took the coat and the shit I could see the smaller the little red dress on any of the men and boys, who looked so damn sexy in it too, and her breasts were popping up all over the place. I approached her and began to feel, touch and feel all around and kissed her, while Mr. R was observed. After a whileI asked Dave to stand up and come and give me a hand with this woman so hot that I had in my hands and a good sense of your body as well, and after a while I sat on the couch and have my other cock and asked the lady to get to C and knees and start sucking cock, and boy did, and while he gave me the best BJ Dave was in the back and stood in Mrs. C started to lick it, and that's when she started moaning loudly. Ms. C, then removed fapdu the little red thong and through them to Mr. R, while watching on the couch all the time that this happened by Mr. R was stripped of his cock and masturbate, while two men with his fapdu wife. Then after about 15 or so mines said to Mrs. C. , To get her ass in the bedroom, like Dave and I wanted to pick up the ass. I took off my red dress and took her to the bed, and when its over, licking wet pussy of her, while Dave gets cock in her mouth. Mr. R then entered the bedroom and sat fapdu on the chair we can all see a bit of fun. We could not stop all changed places after a while, and Ms. C. come to complain and fuck and then stopped after a while Dave and removed the condom and shot his wad all over her and Mrs. C and smeared all over and had a sample of it and said, I still want Moreover, fapdu after a while, Mr. R was the chair and stood in dog and took it, as there is no tomorrow, while Dave had his cock in my mouth and slapped me in the ass, at the same time then, after an hour, the four of us, a little fun, Mr. R and sperm until our cocks his head and began to masturbate in front of your face while Dave was licking her pussy and fapdu then shoot a large group all over her face and hair, then r Lord did the same thing, and saw the boy run like a dirty dog ( you've just done ) is the cream and go as I said it. After everyone was cleaned up we all sat in bed with a beer and chatting and willing to fapdu do again Soon, and this time Mrs. C. another woman bi or bi female couple want to join as well lol. So if all bi women bi women or couples who come fapdu to us more happy wishes, please send a reply. and a. Thank you very much Mr R and Mrs C for a fabulous night and I can not wait to meet in a few weeks again for a little more fun Thank you Nick
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